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Brains Out

F inally got the time to blog about this look that I wore last year! I wasn't so sure if I should post this look because I wasn't satisfied with the photos but this is probably the comfiest and most laid back outfit that I've worn so I guess, publishing it is a need especially that I no longer have time to shoot my outfits (blame school for that!). Remember my recent post about getting my hair longer? Well, I received some messages from you guys on how much you love my hairstyle, so I decided I'm keeping this one. But my dream of having a long hair, doesn't end there! Since, I found out a way to have my hair longer by trying out these amazing cheap human hair extensions that you can buy online, especially the Brazilian hair UK that I am especially interested with since they got this awesome hair extension just like Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez! Not to mention, they also got tons of different styles and colors that is appropriate for you. I received th

Just like an Elf

H appy 2013 y'all! Since "Emerald Green" is the lucky color of the year I decided to wore my little green dress that someone sent me (please send me a message if you sent this dress!), a few days ago when me and my family together with our cute shi tzu named Pepay , checked in at Island Cove's hotel and had a post-New Year celebration for 2013. I love the 'very-green' location of these photos and the bokeh in my back so, I hope you will like them too!