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Almost Spring

T his post has been on my drafts for about two weeks now and I've got more posts coming! Hopefully I can manage my time between my internship, watching endless American TV shows over the net, touring around London, editing tons of photos and blogging.

Boomerang + My week in video

M oving on with my outfit posts that consists of too much girly-ness by wearing dresses and skirt, here's a totally new style that I wore three weeks ago. In the meantime, here's a quick glimpse of the Buckingham Palace where the Queen lives... and no, she wasn't there (too bad!).

A Walk in the Park

I t's finally spring here in London and that means I only have to wear two layers instead of three! Here's an outfit that I wore when the sun was out and the perfect thing to do have a walk in the park and just take photos. Since I started my internship that week, I decided to wear my corporate attire during my first day while we stroll around Hyde and Kensington park.

I Moustache you a Question

E veryone, I present to you my airport look and also my outfit from a few weeks ago! I had to wear it again since I didn't have time to take photos of it while I was on the airport (both in Manila and Qatar). This is just a quick shoot at the parking lot in our flat that reminds me so much of streets that you can find in Japan (like in Cardcaptor Sakura).

Snow Flurries ❄

W hen I told you on my recent post that there's a little bit of snow flurries everyday, it doesn't occur to me that it's going to fall when we were taking photos outside a friend's house, awesome timing! But of course, I had to brave the cold temperature while posing in front of the camera without a coat and pretend it's still warm enough to smile like this hahaha!