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Pass Me By

R ejoicing because my highlights are back, of course it's by Azta Urban Salon ---- the only salon I've ever trusted when it comes to hair color because they never let me down with the outcome. I have been going back to their salon ever since 2012, the first time I had my hair ombrefied . I'm thinking of having a lighter shade and full ombre look next time though, that will be very nice for a change. And ladies and gentlemen, that is how I started my year... a brand new hair color and some nice new bags from the very generous of Get 2 Go Bags , it's pretty amazing how you can use their bags in every outfit may it be on a formal outfit , a chill day at the cafe or even when you have to do a quick stop at the mall (just like this outfit). I think wearing a loose plaid shirt from Mura Shop and some comfortable boots can always make an outfit simply stylish and by that I mean, always on the go blogger type of look.


I t's about time this country would get some cold weather this winter season so that I'll get over with my jealousy over the people I follow on instagram wearing boots and coats, ear muffs or some cute beanie although, we only get as low as 20 degrees Celsius (I think!) as the coldest temperature but at least I can wear some boots and my leather jacket which I wore once when I was in London (that was almost two years ago!). I get to enjoy shooting this outfit as this was in a private location making me feel more like I'm in a Clueless movie, one of Cher's friends with a little bit of punk rock style. Thanks to Mura Shop for making me feel like one by sending me this cute plaid overlap skirt! Not gonna lie, I think my closet needs more of this skirt in all colors. Nevertheless, I always make sure I get to dress up during a cold day and honestly, it's my number one priority at this time because well, you should always make use of the temperature and wear some

Santa Tell Me

S till obsessing with everything related to Christmas from songs (that includes Ariana Grande and Hilary Duff's songs), movies and even places that includes a lot of Santa Claus that is why my family and I went out of town on the first day of January and visited Casa Santa. Every corner on this house is filled with Santa Claus and if you're one of the people who loves Christmas as much as I do, you'll definitely drop your jaws out!