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The Wallet Wall

A nother day at the newly opened cafe and sipping my favorite cafe mocha whilst shooting  and wearing the most laid back outfit I've ever worn. I finally got myself to go outside and show off this beautiful leather wallet that Walletwall sent me. Made from real cow hide, the Wallet Wall is not just your ordinary wallet. The material used the very best leather, that will also protect all of it's content from being digitally stolen using top range RFID blocking technology --- this wallet protects you from card skimming, mass surveillance, and RFID scanning devices.


A nd they say, third time's a charm! It's true, especially when it's your third time to visit such a beautiful country like Singapore . Back when I was in college, my friends would always plan that we'll have those kind of #friendshipgoals vacation after we graduate and after all those months of working and planning... we finally had one last July. This four day trip includes not being able to feel our legs due to too much walking, eating out on different fastfood chains just because we need to eat cheap foods, overnight stay in a suite of one of the most popular hotel in the world (Marina Bay Sands), being able to conquer my fear with rollecoaster rides because my friends dragged me to fall in line while I imagine what would happen to me after being turned upside down, having a fever by night but being all energetic by day and finding the nearest Nando's... because well yes, eating there is a requirement for this trip.