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Crazy Christmas Time

O ne week 'till Christmas time but I'm still in the midst of wearing a black and white outfit  (how can I even resist!) but nevertheless, I have to keep up with the season and decided to just make my background be Christmas-y enough. Trust me, if there's going to be cold weather and snow all day long then, I could've worn something that doesn't include bare legs and a ringer shirt. Anyway, I have been lucky enough to be receiving gifts from my generous sponsors for the past few weeks and I just can't help but feature them as soon as possible here on my blog (thanks guys!). This may be the comfiest outfit I've ever worn this month and thanks to, Snapmade I've customised my own ringer shirt and an extremely lovely pouch. I decided to be a One Direction fangirl for once and put on the 'Crazy Mofos' statement (you're not a fan unless you don't get it) just so I can be ready for my One Direction concert next year and yes guys, I've alr

Pink Dresses by Pickedresses

I f there’s one color that will surely represent a girl then that would be pink, pink and more pink! Half of the girls around the world has pink on their list of favorite colors and to be honest, I don’t mind it all because the color pink symbolizes being flirty and sweet. Just like any other girl out there, I wanted the color pink for my prom dresses and I know it might be the most worn color on the dance floor but I bet Pickedresses have so many pink prom dresses in different styles so, you don’t have to worry about not being the star of the night.