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Summertime calls for Burgers!

I am finally back from the sudden hiatus because of my finals but it's almost over now and I finally got some time to eat out and take photos for my blog! Over the past few weeks, I have been constantly bugging my friends to have some legit burger (by legit, I mean... not from McDonalds or any fast-food) and then I found out about a restaurant called "Flip Eat Burger" which is a bit near from my house. Thus, I am here to make you hungry by posting these fries and burger photos! (From top-bottom) We ordered the Tapa Burger, BLT, Flip Eat Burger, Hawaiian (which is my fave of all!) and Flip Eat fries. I absolutely love everything and didn't even managed to use knives and forks because of our excitement and well, it's better to eat burgers with your hands hahaha! Although, I was expecting the fries to be sort of like In N' Out's but still... I would definitely suggest everyone to go try Flip Eat Burger.

Little Café Noriter

A pparently, I haven't been able to take photos for my blog posts this March! However, I decided to review my drafts and publish this outfit photos from last year (probably from August). Having college friends with the same interests with you is one thing that's very special especially when that interest is eating out on an interesting cafe/restaurant. Sometimes, college life is also about satisfying your tummy with your friends!