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Boracay in a Nutshell

I t's funny how much I missed doing video diaries and ever since I came back here in the Philippines, I couldn't make one since I practically don't travel enough or visit interesting places but that all changed when I went to take a short vacation with my friends and decided to go to Boracay. During this trip, I was practically the one who holds her camera 24/7 everywhere (maybe I'm exaggerating a bit on that one) and well, I just had to document everything we do... and the outcome? Finally a video diary! (see video above)

Always Summer Somewhere

I 've been contemplating whether or not to post this (almost outfit) photos from my trip to Boracay but I realised I haven't posted any outfit photos for a month now and so here it is! The intense summer heat motivated me to wear a brighter outfit color for the day and what better way to dress up in a bright colored neon bralet, white pleated skirt (which I got ages ago!), a beaded slippers that looks very boho and a boater hat which is a required accessory this summer season. I guess summer is not an exemption in accessorizing yourself because now, hair accessories is the perfect thing to wear.