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A Day at Yoki's Farm, Tagaytay

R emember my staycation at Wilson's Place Tagaytay? Well, here's (somewhat) a continuation of it! This place is also owned by the same family who owns Wilson's Place and you'll get  to enjoy a day tour at Yoki's Farm (for walk-in visitors, entrance fee is Php 100.00/person). There will be a tour guide to show you around the place of the hydroponics farm where they get their supplies of fresh vegetables served in their B&B place (they are also on sale so, you can prepare your own fresh homade salad!), the garden full of different orchids, the mini zoo which features some amazing birds that according to our tour guide costs hundreds of pesos and lastly, the huge collection of antiques by the owner.

Am I in Bangkok yet?

Y ou know you're daydreaming about being in Bangkok when you're surrounded with a lot of buddhas and the only thing that's missing is floating around the Bangkok market. To be able to visit Thailand is on my bucket list and I may not be able to go now but oh well, at least a part of Tagaytay made me feel like I'm there. This was shot in Yoki's Farm (see featured post here) and I know, this post is way overdue but it's hard not to just keep this outfit post on my drafts because it made me realize how much I'm in love with brown hues and the idea of dressing up like a girl who's absolutely in love with the summer heat because honestly, that's not me haha!