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Novu Hair: Nature's Answer to Hair Loss

M y family is a big fan of Novu Hair products because we've heard a lot about how it completely works and solve some of our friend's hair loss problem and when they asked me if I can feature their product on my blog --- of course I said, yes! This package arrived last weekend and comes with three different bottles which are the Herbal shampoo, Herbal conditioner and Topical Scalp Location, it also has a free pump for easy use. We all know that this is such a great solution for hair loss but did you know that it can also be use as a hair maintenance to keep your hair healthy and shiny all the time? Yes, it does! I am completely blown away on how effective this is from all the feedbacks I've heard and read on the internet especially when a big name in the industry named Fanny Serrano uses it. It is also made of ingredients as pure as only nature could provide such asmoringa oleifera, panax ginseng, aloe, ginger, centella asiatica, phyllantus embolic, biotin, and the esse

Beantage Cafe: A Little Love in Every Cup

H ere's another unique place to eat out in the South! Located just a few minutes away from house, a dainty cafe called Beantage Cafe was brought to life by an amazing couple named Lovely and Andrew. I knew Ate Lovely from high school and when I discovered that she's opening a cafe, I automatically wanted to stop doing all of my school works, invite a friend and try out their menu. Well, I finally did! Last weekend, I invited my friend (Jen) to hang out with me at Beantage Cafe and it's more than what I expected! From the interesting quotes on the wall to the wooden benches and great food, t's definitely a great place to hang out with your friends and family.

Ready, Set, Go!

T his post is dedicated to my obsession with Taylor Swift's style and the sad fact that I won't be watching her second concert here in Manila *cries*. Anyway, because I wanted to make my own version of Taylor's style and be comfy enough while out with my family… I decided to mix and match new items from my closet. I am currently a fan of Forever 21's collection and there's just something from their store that's worth being in my overflowing closet this includes the checkered crop top and disco shorts that I'm wearing which is totally very T. Swift especially when you wear an oxford shoes  with it which I got from Primark.

Barkday at Whole Pet Kitchen: Pet Deli and Bark-ery

E very year, we celebrate our dog's birthday by throwing her a little birthday party complete with balloons and a cake but this year, it was different because we decided to celebrate it in Whole Pet Kitchen: Pet Deli & Bark-ery. It's actually the first natural pet bakery and dog cafe in the Philippines which serves both pet parents and dogs!