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Sorry, I have been MIA for about a week but I'm back now and showing you guys what I got for the past few weeks (past few weeks = since the last week of February haha)! Anyways, I just had an out-of-town vacation for 5 days and I'm going to have my last exam for this school year tomorrow so, here's a quick short post. Details:

1. Souvenir bracelets which I got from my trip.
2. Applied for a Korean Visa because it's part of our final requirement and I'm just too lazy to make a report so within a week, I applied and got my Korean visa.
3.-4. My love for K-pop! Haha~ Bought a Super Show 3 DVD and an SM Town Winter Sonata CD.
5. My new bias, L/Myungsoo of Infinite! <3
6. I have been looking for a Hello Kitty eyeglasses since last year but it's always sold out but now, I found a shop that sells it (aside from Ebay). Will do an outfit post wearing these eyeglasses soon :)
7. Thrifted Banana Republic denim polo and Mint collared top.
8. Thrifted V-neck shirt with a print of a girl with her camera, sailor shirt (finally! now, i need a sailor cap haha), Varsity maxi dress (this looks like the dress that Korean girls are wearing with their sneakers/Chucks on), V-neck white shirt with a skull printed scarf (it looks like the print from Alexander McQueen's scarf), Grey layered tiered dress.
9. Souvenir shirts which I got from my trip.

That's all for now, still need to study for my exam tomorrow but I'm going to blog about my recent trip soon. So be sure to check out my blog :)


  1. I see super junior CD there.. I love them..hahahaa
    and they're going to hold Supershow4 in my country.. :))

    1. Aww so lucky! I wish they will have SS4 here in my country too :(

  2. The bracelets are adorable.

  3. Hello, Bernadeth!
    You're beautiful! I loved your blog has great pictures!
    You're very stylish!
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I have been following your blog.
    Kisses from Brazil


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