Bohol Trip part 1 // City Tour

Last March 25, we (my mom + younger sister) flew to Tagbilaran, Bohol via Cebu Pacific to have our 5 days vacation. It was our first time to board at the newest NAIA Terminal 3 and can I just say? It's still too small to accommodate all local departing passengers, there is a long line at the check-in counters and too many people at the boarding gates making the room so noisy that I can't even understand the announcements.

Anyway, our flight was delayed for an hour because of the air traffic so, me and my sister just entertained ourselves by playing games through my phone and laptop.

When we arrived at Tagbilaran, we first headed to our hotel (El Portal Inn) to leave our luggage and instead of wasting the time inside our hotel room, we started our own city tour. Everything is just a tricycle away (8 php per person) from our hotel so it was easy to commute.

We first went to see the Saint Joseph Church, there was an on-going mass when we went and I was wearing a romper so we didn't really spent our time at the church.

Next stop is the plaza which can be found across the Church and you can also find the Bohol Museum, there is an entrance fee of 25 php but you can see really interesting things about Bohol inside. So, if you're in Bohol I suggest you should visit their museum! After we went to see the church, plaza and museum we walked to get to the nearest mall in the place which is the BQ mall (not pictured).

We then went to have our dinner at Payag restaurant which has a great interior and it's also some sort of a private restaurant because we were the only customer they have at that time haha! I ordered their pork barbecue while my mom and sister tried their famous Chicken Inato, to be honest... it tastes like the chicken from Mang Inasal but it's worth a try! You can also try their halo-halo I heard that it's one of their specialties ;)

While waiting for our order, we entertain ourselves by taking photos and of course--- I just need to have an outfit photo! Sorry the photos are too white, because of the sun~

Photos by: Me and/or my mom

Floral Romper: Primark
Boater Hat: Online
Studded Sandals: Primark


  1. nice outfit <3 i envy you you went to bohol with the family,
    been to bohol 2 years ago.. just a tour with the classmates though.. :)


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    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  4. beatiful outfit you look great ;)!!! im sure you had a lovely hollidays. would love to see you around...
    keep posting!!

  5. I'm a new follower! I bet you had so much fun touring around the beautiful province of Bohol! <3

    I'm your new Boholana follower! :D Hope you'll follow back! xx

    Ericka of

  6. Your travel I guess is a beautiful experience, but I think your more beautiful than that :)


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