Bohol Trip part 3 // Countryside Tour

For our Day 3 in Bohol, we had our Countryside Tour. It was definitely an exhausting trip but we had fun because we got to see the popular destinations in Bohol.

Our first stop is the Blood Compact Shrine or what they call "Sanduguan", the site plays an important history in the Philippines since it's the first treaty of friendship between the Spanish and the Filipinos.

...and then we passed by a 100 year old Balete tree. It has never been cut down since it is now part of Bohol's history.

Our next stop is the Baclayon Church, the unique thing about this church is that there is an image of Father Pio's face and Mama Mary holding Jesus (not pictured) that was naturally formed by it's walls. Amazing!

We also went to see their museum that features different figurines of Saints.

The next stop is the Phyton Sanctuary wherein there are two huge phytons that you can touch and take your picture, just like what I did on the photo above :) And that's my sister with an Iguana on her arms.

Aside from the phythons, you can also see different kinds of animals. Photo above shows an ostrich, tiger cat, a yellow snake and I forgot what's the name of that animal haha :P

Our next destination was the Tarsier Conservatory, wherein you get to see a tarsier... an animal which can only be found in the Philippines and believed to be the smallest primate in the world. Additional Info: In this conservatory, touching of these little creatures are prohibited.

Next is the Mahogany man-made Forest, we actually had hard time taking photos in the middle of the street because of the cars, so it was epic fail :P

*stolen shots*

Instead, I decided to take my outfit photos at the side of the street where it looks like there is an Autumn season in the Philippines and has a forest-like setting. Details about my outfit is at the last part of this post, so keep on reading :)

The next stop was the Simply Butterflies Conservatory Center, which we really enjoyed because of the funny tour guide and the butterflies are just too beautiful! I also had a great time taking photos of them since they're all over the place.

You can also touch and even put the butterflies on your hair... just like what I did!

And this Tarsier mascot will also greet you upon entering the conservatory. *Wako Wako*

Remember the unique houses featured in Rated K? Well, we got to see one of them! This is the famous Shiphaus in Bohol. The owner is a seaman and they turned their house into a ship-like, you can also go inside the house but then of course, you have to pay for the entrance fee.

Our second to the last stop is the Chocolate Hills, it is considered as the most famous tourist attraction in Bohol and the 1268 hills are covered with grass, which, at the end of the dry season, turns chocolate brown.

In order to see this amazing view, you should first climb the 214 steps... climbing just to get to the top was very exhausting but it was worth it.

We passed by the Hanging Bridge, we didn't really have the guts to cross this bridge.

Our last destination is at Loboc River wherein we had our lunch. As you see the serene view by the river, you also get to enjoy their food and singer inside the boat will keep you entertained. We also got to witness the local people's presentation when we had a stopover in one of their floating boats.

And that was the end of our Day 3 in Bohol! The last part of our trip will be published soon :) before I end this post, here's my outfit details:

Boater Hat: Online
Vest: Pretty in Pink (as seen on this post)
Floral Top: Primark UK
Denim Shorts: Pazzo
Studded Sandals: Primark UK


  1. great photos and looks like you had fun in the entire trip. been to bohol two or three years ago but we went to take the plunge in danao.

  2. you look STUNNING! i envy you! looks like an AMAZING trip!! love the photos :) makes me wanna travel

  3. Bohol is definitely a beautiful place and you fit right in it. Looking pretty as always :)

  4. Gorgeous photos! Love your blog!:)

  5. I so adore your outfit and your photos here. The tiger cats are beautiful! (Your hat is so cute)

    xo Joana

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  7. You're so pretty <3 I like your hat, tee hee. Nice shots, I wanna go to Bohol tuloy :D

  8. i love bohol! and i really want to go back there!!! The place is just so divine <3

  9. thanks for your comment!:) xx

  10. thanks for the comment dear ;) nice shots. you look so amazing with simple outfit.

  11. Wow those photos in the nature are so beautiful <3

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  12. Love your smile..fentastic all the pics....awesome

  13. It looks like you had amazing time there! :) Loving your outfit btw ;)
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  14. waow! nice pict and really a great place <3

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  15. waow! nice pict and really a great place

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  16. Thank you for the lovely comment, sweety! <3
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  17. Great photos! Love your outfit- you're too cute!

  18. wow! you look amazing!

  19. You look absolutely amazing, love the pictures!

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  21. Great casual outfit! Omg i LOVE Tarsiers!!! So cute with those huge round eyes of theirs! The photos are amazing!

  22. Great photos! I can't believe you got that close to a python! So scary! Love your hat!

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  23. What great photos. I love the hat on your!

  24. Amazing outfit and photos! I love it :)

  25. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)
    these photos are amazing! looks so much fun I wish I could be there too! xx.

  26. These photos are all so beautiful! So jealous of your trip!

  27. Thank you very much! :-* Your blog is awesome and I love your excotic pictures. :) Reminds me of my time in Thailand and Taiwan.

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  32. gorgeous photos, love the ones of you and your sister with the python and iguana.

    xo erica

  33. Your outfit is so cute and vacation ready! I gotta admit that the snake photo scared me a bit, but how incredible! Such amazing sights!

  34. *omg* your so cute!! I wish I could make a trip into a rainforest!
    Unfortunately, Europe doesn't have any tropical excitements >.<

  35. *omg* you're so cuuute! I wish I could make a trip into a rainforest >e< Unfortunately we don't have any tropical excitements here in Europe :(

  36. can I please take a vacation noooow??!! of course you captured everything on your trip SO WELL!! you wear that hat SO well :)

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  37. you're so beautiful! <3<3
    love your shoots omgomgomg xxx

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  39. nice captures girl! love you outfit too. what pasalubong did you brought home? aside from the famous calamay and peanut kisses.

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  40. The countryside tour of Bohol was beautiful. You will have a nice trip there

  41. Wow, this is interesting. Thanks for the updates through your blog

  42. Hey Beatrix!

    Thanks for the comprehensive post about Bohol! We have also just finished a post on Bohol Countryside Tour and we really enjoyed the tour especially the Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers and Man-Made Forest!

    Happy Travels Everyone!



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