Bohol Trip part 4 // Panglao Tour

Hello everyone! This will be my last post for my Bohol trip last month :) Anyway, for our last day, we had a tour in Panglao Island...

Our first stop is the Dauis Church, this church is very interesting because just right in front of their altar, there is a miraculous well. You can also get the water from the well for free and just leave any amount of donation. The ceiling has some kind of 3d effect which makes the church also very colorful and attractive.

This is the watchtower of Dauis Church...

... and we also visited their souvenir shop and cafe. The bottle of water I'm holding is the one we got from the church :)

This is the view at the back of the church, it was also some sort of plaza and the two men who are playing some game caught my attention and I use my ninja skills in taking a photo to capture this.

Next is the Bohol Bee Farm, although there were not a lot of bees at this place compared to Ilog ni Maria in Tagaytay but still, they have a lot of facilities that you will enjoy.

They have their own Craft and Livelihood station wherein they make a buli (some sort of cloth) and then they will make a bag, curtain, placemat etc. out of the cloth. The finished product are pricey since it's takes time and a lot of effort just to finish one item.
We also had a chance to visit their restaurant which serves organic foods and we get to see this beautiful view!

They have a huge shop of souvenirs and items made by natural ingredients but we did not buy anything from the shop . Instead, me and my sister bought a Malunggay and Pandan ice cream (the one I'm holding is the Pandan).

The next place we visited was the Hinagdanan Cave which we really enjoyed because of the funny tour guide who made us laugh while we were inside the cave and he also changed the setting of the camera to make the photos brighter, awesome! The name of the cave was derived from the word "hagdan" or stairs because of the stairs inside the cave.

The next place we visited is the Nova Shell museum, it's like a private museum because we were only the guests at that time haha! But anyway, there are different kinds of shell in the museum and the tour guide also shared a lot of information about the shells (ex. how the shell got it's name, the shells found in the Philippines, the most expensive shell etc.)

We also had a quick stop to see the Panglao Church.

The next stop was the Alona Beach, this is so far the place that we didn't enjoy the most because we didn't get to swim or do anything at the place since it was too crowded and the beautiful part of the beach is only open for those who are staying at the hotel. Boo :(

I changed from jeans to my floral shorts to get the "beach look". I forgot to bring a white sando so I decided to just wear this stripe sando I used when swimming haha! Outfit details: Thrifted sheer top with collar, Floral shorts and Studded Sandals from Primark UK, Bracelet from the bazaar and Boater hat from an online shop.

The last place we visited during that day is the Chicken Ati-Atihan where we had our dinner. There was an on-going staff meeting when we went there and there were no customers at that time so the service was very fast. Anyway, we tried their Chicken sisig and Chicken Ati-Atihan...

... and also tried their Buko Halo-Halo, which you can't really clearly see in this photo because my face is huge, sorry!~

And that ends my post! I have queued blog posts and I'm going to publish it soon so, please visit my blog again and just wanna say thanks to all who leave their comments, I'll try to visit your blogs! See you :)


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