Dilemma of Ugly Christmas Sweaters

It doesn't feel like it but ---- it's almost Christmas time! And, I might not be able to feel the Christmas spirit here in my country because well, the weather is still hot and almost feels like it's still summer. But oh well, Philippines has been always like this! However, I'll be leaving soon for an out of the country getaway that includes wearing jackets and sweaters that is why, I just need to be able to go for some Christmas themed outfit.

Well, what do you expect? I really love dressing up for the holidays! But the only problem right now is I only have ugly Christmas sweaters on my closet and some of them was way back I was in elementary school. Yup, I never bought any replacement because we don't often use it here in the Philippines but since, I need to have a great OOTD for my trip, I decided to browse from Sevengrill's website to look for some trendy Christmas sweaters that you guys might be able to like also so, I'm sharing a few below.

Red Crew Geometric Letter Print Cartoon Christmas Sweatshirt

Navy Blue Crew Letter Sequins Patchwork Print Medium Christmas Pullovers Sweater

Black Crew Print Geometric Christmas Sweatshirt Pullover

White Oblique Collar Elk Thick Christmas SweatShirt Pullover

There are a few more on Sevengrils' website that you need to see because every product shown is  created through the combination of culture and art in an open-minded manner, and show the world the unique charm and verve of modern women. They offer a lot of products that might just be the missing item to complete your outfits.